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Menzerna Cut Force Pro

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Powerful One-Step Polishing Compound

Menzerna Cut Force Pro is a high-performance polish in a class of its own utilising innovative polishing technology from the Menzerna laboratory. Menzerna Cut Force Pro will remove swirls, scratches, sanding marks, and oxidation from paintwork all whilst leaving a high gloss finish in one hit!

Menzerna Cut Force Pro can be used on both rotary and dual-action machine polishers. Thanks to its diminishing abrasives will initially start out as a heavy cut compound, removing scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, and much more, however as it works the compounds break down and become finer until it becomes a finishing polish, capable of refining, leaving a high-gloss, hologram free finish.

Why use Menzerna Cut Force Pro

  • Quickly restore a high-gloss shine
  • Powerfully remove scratches
  • Restore shine to paintwork even with heavy imperfections
  • One-step compound


  1. Clean surface thoroughly.
  2. Shake bottle and apply 3 pea-sized drops of polish to the polishing pad or lambskin, depending on pad size.
  3. Use either a rotary or dual action polishing machine and use the cross-coating method.
  4. While polishing, apply strong, even pressure and run the product out at a consistent low speed.
  5. At first, the polish will seem a little milky and should be worked in until only a slightly transparent/oily film is visible.
  6. After polishing, remove polish residues with a microfibre cloth.
  7. Depending on the demands of the surface, a second stage may be performed to achieve a high-gloss surface. Here, you have the option of reapplying the Menzerna Cut Force Pro or a Menzerna Finish. In both cases in combination with the Menzerna Soft Cut Foam Pad.

Cut: 9/10

Gloss: 9/10