Advanced Paint Correction Course

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Our Advanced Paint Correction class is designed for anyone who wants a more in-depth knowledge of Detailing and Paint Correction.⁠
The class offers a hands-on learning experience using industry leading products and equipment and is suitable for people with a keen interest in car detailing, or those working in valeting looking to branch out into detailing.⁠
So what’s covered in the Advanced Paint Correction Training?⁠
Identifying, preventing and treating paint defects such as:⁠
– Swirl marks⁠
– Scratches⁠
– Bird droppings⁠
– UVA & UVB rays⁠
– Oxidation⁠
– Overspray⁠
– Paint transfer from minor collisions⁠
– Key marks⁠
– Water spots⁠
*Paint level reading⁠
*Different types of paint-Single stage paint vs Dual stage (base & clear-coat)⁠
*Hard clear coats vs soft clear coats⁠
*How to use both rotary and dual-action polishers⁠
*Pad differences and how to choose which pad for each task – foam ,wool, Microfibre, denim.⁠
*Swirl removal⁠
*Scratch removal⁠
*Hand sanding⁠
*Machine sanding⁠
*Orange peel removal⁠
and more!⁠
This class is limited to a maximum of 5 participants to maximise the amount of one-on-one time.⁠
If you have any other questions about this class, don’t hesitate to contact us by either email or phone:⁠
– Email:⁠
– Phone: 021-456 4984