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So what’s covered in the Detailing 101 Training Day?

*The basics:
– Maintenance washing – How to wash your car properly and safely.
– Various different pre-wash options / products / tools / techniques.
– Shampoos, mitts, 2 bucket method, drying and wheel cleaning.

*Paintwork prep and decontamination:
– De-tar – what type of products to use, Why not to use petrol etc.
– Fallout/ Iron remover. Why these products are important, What actually happens when you use them on your wheels/paintwork.
– Clay – how to clay, why claying is important, risks etc.

*Polish/Wax/Glaze/Sealant/Detailer sprays:
– Differences between each of the above.
– How to and when to use each of the above.
– How to choose which one is for you.

*Microfibre cloths/towels:
– Differences/how to choose/maintenance etc.

*Introduction to machine polishing:
– Differences between rotary and dual-action polishers.
– Hand polishing vs. machine polishing.
– Choosing the right machine polisher/backing plates / pads / products.
– Evaluating and removing paint damage and defects

This is just a brief overview of what will be covered. We will answer any questions you have along the way.

This class will be as hands-on as possible as we believe it is the best way to learn. We want everyone to be involved, using chemicals, mitting, claying etc.

We also have a large and quite diverse amount of machine polishers so we would like to give everyone who might be unsure/nervous of machine polishing to try out a couple of machines.

Please be aware that this is not a class on paint correction. The main focus is PREVENTING damage being caused to your pride and joy.

If you have any other questions about either class, don’t hesitate to contact us by either email or phone:
– Email:
– Phone: 021-456 4984