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Millers Oil Engine Flush Additive – 250ml

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Millers Oils Engine Flush is a light oil-based, solvent-free product that contains a high detergency package. Adding this detergent to the engine oil’s existing detergency package boosts the oil’s cleaning potential. This will result in the flushing out of any debris that has built up in the engine. Millers’ solvent-free Engine Flush will carry the debris to the oil filter to maximize engine cleanliness ready for the fresh oil and filter.

Millers Oils have formulated their Engine Flush to be solvent-free. Solvent-based products can be aggressive and can change the composition of seals i.e. soften / relax rubber seals leading to possible leaks. Solvents can also dilute the oil and cause the viscosity to go out of spec, potentially thinning the oil, therefore not providing effective protection when the flush process is underway.


Suitable for use in all car and light van petrol and diesel engines.

Add the contents of the bottle to the oil in the engine. A 250ml bottle will treat 4-6 litres of engine oil. Run engine for 15 to 20 minutes. Drain the oil,change the oil filter and refill with the recommended grade of Millers engine oil.


  • Removes sludge and stubborn deposits in the engine
  • Engine friendly, non-solvent technology
  • Formulation fully compatible with all engine oils
  • Helps reduce wear and increases engine life