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Dr Leather Dye Block 250ml

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The Dr Leather Dye Block is a specially developed surface protectant for pigmented leathers, that will reduce the rate of dirt and soil pick-up and help prevent in dye transfer from jeans. Dye transfer is often noticed on lighter colour seating leather and is extremely difficult to safely remove after the event has occurred.  Our nano-based technology will provide a barrier to this happening, yet still maintain the original colour and gloss level of the leather, whilst also not significantly affecting the feel or handle of the leather. It has also found beneficial use on the side bolsters of seats, which are particularly vulnerable to surface wear whilst entering and exiting vehicles. The leather to be treated should be initially cleaned and dry.

Then the Dye Block liquid is sprayed onto a clean applicator or lint-free cloth and then applied sparingly over the leather surface to be treated. Please note it should not be applied to hot leather in direct sunlight. It should then be allowed to dry and cure before the seat is used. We recommend allowing the product to cure naturally overnight for optimum results; if applied in cold environments then the curing time will be increased. The coating is sacrificial, and depending upon use re-application should be considered at six monthly intervals.

The products are currently sold in 250ml and 5 litre containers. If you would like to become a reseller of our product please get in touch.

Please note, our cleaning products are only designed for pigmented leathers and are not suitable for aniline, suede, nubuck or semi-aniline leather types.