Hi guys, thanks for looking at another one of our portfolios.

Here we have a brand new Kia Pro Ceed GT Line in for one of our top protection packages. There was a few hundred Km’s on the car before we got our hands on it. There was plenty of prep and decontamination stages to get through (like all new cars we work on) before we could start applying the coatings. There were even a few dealer inflicted wounds we found that needed to be removed! We have been unbelievably busy this year so finding time to take loads of photos as we progress through each stage of the treatment has been very difficult. We do have a plenty of completed photos so hope you enjoy!

Carbon Collective products were used to help protect and maintain the cars exterior. Platinum Paint, Platinum Glass and Platinum Wheels.



Tut tut to the dealer

Tut tut to the dealer

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